Best Korean Makeup

Kolmar Korea is a bonded, licensed, and insured manufacturer of Korean makeup. Since 20 years ago we have been dreaming of makeup, beauty, and optimal health. We began as an original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, and went on to establish a new business model known as the ODM network. We have also focused on developing innovative and cutting edge advancements in our pragmatic health food manufacturing as well as pharmaceutical fields. In addition, our company has also developed many different names since our incorporation, including exceptional technology derived from the original parent company.

We have also placed the value of the enterprise on customer value. In others, customer success equates to our success in a mutual manner. Moreover, we are an enterprise that is “warm”, in the sense that we practice profit sharing with our partners and we also strive to become a “green” company. In other worse, we try to reduce our carbon footprint and help better the ecosystem while continuing to manufacture quality products that benefit all parties involved.

Moreover, we are also a Korean makeup company that does not believe in rhetoric. That is, we allow our accomplishments to speak for us. For example, we have won numerous awards since our inception, including the Award of Best Luxury Korea Brand and the Award of Technology Innovation recently. In terms of our actual Korean makeup product line we manufacture quasi medical products, functional cosmetic products, perfumes, makeup, skin care products, and baby care, hair, and body care products for both men and women.

Our 500 + researchers, over 100 years of experience as a global network, and state-of-the-art facilities ensure that we continually grow and enhance the lives of our customers through our value engineered and health focused products. To learn more about us, please visit our history page.