American Makeup Vs Korean Makeup

I personally like both American Makeup and Korean Makeup. They both have their own uniqueness and it’s based on personal preferences and occasions that one would be preferred over the other.

Watch the video to see what differentiates them


For Eyes

  • American eye makeup is more dramatic and noticeable while Korean eyemakeup emphasizes on creating ‘cute’ innocent look by not winging out the eyeliner or making it look more natural and subtle. Korean eyemake is all about making the eyes look brighter and bigger.
  • Top and bottom eyeliner eyes do NOT connect as that tends to make the eyes appear smaller

  • Popular Korean eye makeup looks are dolly eyes or puppy eyes.
  • False eyelashes are more commonly used in American makeup trends. Koreans use falsies as well, but on special occasions and/or the falsies are much more delicate and subtle.
  • Color contact lenses are more popular in Korean makeup trends.


  • American eyebrows are more arched and sharply defined. Fuller eyebrows are popular. The shade of the eyebrow is one shade darker than hair color.

  • Korean eyebrows used to be the straight and child-like eyebrows but recent trends show that slightly naturally arched eyebrows are becoming popular. The color should be soft, natural, and matching one’s hair color.


  • American beauty standards focus on sun-kissed healthy glow with defined facial contours and highlights.

  • Korean beauty standards focus on clean, fair, dewy skin that showcases the no-makeup look. Daily skincare regimens are taken very seriously.


  • American lip trends are all about fuller lips whether it be matte or with gloss over. Darker colors or nude shades are popular with the use of lipliner to create fuller-looking lips.

  • Korean lip makeup uses a lot of red or pink tints to create the gradient look (darker color in the inner lips which fades into softer lighter color on the outer parts of the lips).

So which one do you prefer? Let us know in the comment section below!

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