[Product Review] BEST & WORST Korean Cushion BB | Molita Lin

Molita Lin talks about the 20 brands of BB cushion products. What she finds to be best and worst in her opinion.

Molita Lin has dry skin type and she is from Indinesia so the BB cushion that works well in her opinion should NOT be too mattifying yet still able to last throughout the day.

Products mentioned:

Best & Worst Cushion BB for Dry Skin / Dewy Finish

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April Snow Magic Skin 2.0 # 23: (Price: ± US $24.67) (Best Coverage)

  • Simple packaging, it gives you flawless, smooth, dewy finish.
  • If you have oily to combination skin or just don’t like a dewy finish, then skip this one.

W-Lab HoneyBeam Cushion # 21:

  • low-medium coverage foundation that gives you the dewy finish.
  • It claims to contain honey extract which is supposedly moisturizing.
  • Durability of this one is ok

Tension Pact Missha Perfect Cover # 23 (Price: ±US 15.79) (Best Coverage)

  • It comes with elegant beautiful packaging with no net filter between the cushion and the packaging.
  • This one is full coverage you almost don’t need any concealer with this.
  • Moisturizing but doesn’t give dewy finish so if you have dry skin, have lighter skin tone and don’t like the dewiness this one could be for you.

Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion Brightening no. 23 (high-end product):

  • Beautiful elegant and classy packaging
  • Claims to have ginseng extract as the moisturizing ingredient.
  • Low- medium coverage, giving you subtle natural finish that makes you look like you have great skin.
  • It evens out skin tone but doesn’t cover spots.
  • The most pricey in this list

Pony Cushion Effect Everlasting Foundation #NaturalIvory: Price: US ± 28.42

  • nice and neat packaging
  • not too light not too heavy in texture
  • Medium coverage
  • NOT suitable for oily/acne-prone skin

Innisfree Waterglow Cushion # 21

  • Low to medium coverage, very natural finish (everyday use)
  • Finish: dewy, glowy, watery

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Best & Worst Cushion BB’s for Oily Skin (Matte Finish)

Real Powder Etude House Cushion (Natural Beige) : Price: US ± 15.97 (Best price)

  • Easy and compact case – easy to bring with you anywhere
  • Comes with no refill but it packs a lot of product in that one purchase and doesn’t dry out quickly
  • Good coverage (medium-high)
  • matte, powdery finish which is NOT ideal for those with dry patches or enlarged pores  (Easily fixed by using primer)
  • Long-lasting

Matt Chico Y Chica Cushion # 23: Price: US ± 22.42

  • Simple, minimalistic style of packaging (all black)
  • Medium buildable coverage
  • Very matte finish, and very long-lasting
  • Since it’s very matte it doesn’t look as natural as the dewy finish

Hera Age Reverse Cushion # 23 (~US$50-60)

  • Natural-medium coverage (more natural-looking)
  • It has matte- finish so if you have mature, and dry skin, don’t get lured into buying this because of its name
  • Yellow undertone
  • A bit pricey for what it can do.

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Best & Worst Cushion BB for All Skin Types (Semi-matte, satin finish)

3CE Fitting Cushion Foundation # 2: Price: US ± 32.80

  • medium coverage: it can cover most of the spots but still appears natural
  • Provides smooth and poreless look without the caked-up feel
  • long-lasting
  • The puff is the smoothest and softest compared to the other ones on the list (easy blending)
  • the con: a bit pricey but it also comes with a refill

Clio Kill Cover Liquid Founwear Cushion # 4 (BEST Coverage, Best Price)

  • Solid and firm packaging
  • Full coverage
  • Semi-matte finish, very long-lasting
  • Comes with a lot of product in the cushion and one press goes a very long way
  • Cons: Not many color selections and often too bright for yellow – dark skin tones

The Face Shop Miracle Finish Long Lasting CC Cushion # 23 Price: US ± 16.81 (Best Price)

  • Classy solid and mature packaging
  • Medium coverage giving smooth and un-cakey finish
  • It doesn’t fill pores or fine lines
  • Long-lasting, suitable for yellow undertone skin

Hera UV Mist Cushion # 23 Price: US ± 37.39

  • simple and classy packaging
  • Medium coverage but good enough to even skin tone and cover 50% of blemishes
  • Appears dewy when first applied, but dries down into satin finish
  • Long-lasting
  • Cons – more pricey than the ones mentioned in this category

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Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion NO 21

  • Gold and classy packaging
  • Medium buildable coverage but doesn’t look cakey
  • Results: smooth, flawless and natural finish but after some hours the product can fall into fine lines or pores
  • Satin, glowy finish (less than dewy)

VDL Metal Cushion # 205: Price: US ± 23.85

  • Unique packaging
  • Medium buildable coverage
  • Sticky feel to the product when first applied
  • When it dries down it feels smooth and natural
  • More color selections than most cushion BB products

Heimish Artless Perfect Cushion # 21: Price: US ± 28.59

  • beautiful and classy pinkish packaging
  • Great for dull and tired skin because it has brightening properties
  • HOWEVER, it is not good for pimpled for textured skin as the pearl particles accentuate them.

Laneige Cushion Whitening # 21 Price: US ± 32.84

  • Beautiful sturdy packaging
  • Light natural coverage so it’s only good for those with already good skin
  • Semi-matte finish

IOPE Intense Air Cushion Cover # W23 Price: US ± 31.39

  • Beautiful packaging
  • Doesn’t fit yellow undertoned skin
  • this one doesn’t provide so much coverage and for some it can even make spots or pores look more visible

Missha Magic Cover Cushion # 23

  • cute packaging (might look a little childish for adults)
  • Medium buildable coverage
  • long-lasting, semi-matt finish
  • Doesn’t look so natural, too much product and you might look a little cakey
  • Overall a good satin finish cushion for the price

Tony Moly Mini Spoiler Cushion Cover # 23: Price: US ± 11.77

  • Nothing outstanding about this cushion
  • Coverage is so-so
  • Appears gray on yellow-undertoned skin

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