Korean Makeup Tutorial | Nerd Makeup by Ches

Nerd makeup? What’s that all about?

Well, it’s all about simple yet super cute makeup look that is easy to achieve.

It’s all about looking effortlessly beautiful and smart, showcasing the youthful look and healthy flushed cheeks.


  • Simply eye makeup (minimal gradient eyeshadow)
  • Skip mascara altogether
  • Matte rosy lips
  • Rosy cheeks like you just ran a mile!
  • Straight eyebrows with matching color to your hair


  • Use concealer to hide the dark circles of your eyes
  • Use a brush to apply foundation. Most of the product will go on the cheeks and forehead and spread the leftover onto the rest. Then press everything in using wet sponge (BeautyBlender, etc)
  • Set it with translucent powder
  • Contour with light brown matte powder only. Connect the eyebrows to the bridge of nose. Contour the side of the nose bridge and tip of the nose to slim it down.
  • Lightly contour the jawline. Make it very subtle and natural.
  • The brows should be straight for that cute innocent look. Use color that matches your hair or one shade darker only.
  • Blush should go on the top of your apple cheeks and across the nose.
  • Lips should be natural shade or one or two shades darker than your natural color. Apply onto the middle of lips and use fingers to pad in order to spread it out creating gradient natural finish.


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